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InternetWide is an architectural vision of the Internet of tomorrow. One in which privacy and security are taken care of through open source implementations of open standards. There is likely to be a large overlap between our architecture and yours.

What we are offering

Our architecture is yours. Even though InternetWide.org has strong ideas of network and security architecture, the result is likely to overlap with yours in many aspects. In the end, we all want the same thing and the technologies that are obvious in fulfilling them are, too: Kerberos, LDAP, ... And so are the requirements: Privacy, security, high uptimes, monitoring, control over data, ... This means that large portions of our work will be usable in your environment too.

Professional projects. Our projects are constructed from a very thorough understanding of network/Internet technology, even with an emphasis on privacy and security. We are happy to construct architectures that may solve your problems, and build them for you. As a matter of fact, we are in tight contact with a widely spun network of open source developers who would love nothing more than to employ their special interest in a practical project.

Wide acceptance. Whenever possible, we base our work on open standards. This generally means that a high level of quality assurance has validated the protocols from a lot of pragmatic angles. It also improves software interoperability, both for prior and future developments in unrelated software projects.

Continued development. We release our software as open source code. This means that the code may be picked up in other projects for continued development. This is especially likely for those pieces that overlap with the architecture of InternetWide. Your advantage therefore is an option of continued external development on the project that you use internally, at no cost. And if you wanted further development for which no volunteer work has arisen, you could ask us to continue that work or, at your preference, contact any open source developer to do the work for you.

Goodwill as a bonus. Open source development has its own merits, in the form of goodwill. A large community can see your name up in the places where we also see a lot from large companies like IBM, RedHat, Oracle and so on. We will be happy to credit your contribution to development work in documentation, both online and offline/packaged.

What we are asking

Study our architecture. You should find a lot of information about our architecture on this site, especially as our project advances. Compare this information to your own internal architecture, and look for overlap in interests. There are bound to be many places, and those are the best places for us to add value. If our information is too sparse or, more likely, too dense :) then don't hesitate to contact us.

Submit a development inquiry. For your next software development project, we would like to invite you to ask us to propose an offer. You are likely to be surprised about the leniency that open source projects have with regards to code ownership. You are also likely to be surprised about the actual avoidance of lock-in systematics, for instance through the use of open protocols.

Come down from the cloud. Many organisations, even large ones, are outsourcing system and network operation by hosting "in the cloud". In many cases, this easily becomes a liability; it may not be possible to adhere to your responsibilities with regard to privacy and security; you may loose the control over your data and you may be held responsible at some point. We urge you to consider all implications of your choice when you are (considering) migration to the cloud. It is very, very likely that similar requirements to yours can be developed in a shared fashion, based on open source software and open protocols.

Form groups with hosting requirements. Just like we are interested in supporting you with software development, we would also appreciate an opportunity to think along your hosting requirements. Chances are that it overlaps with our intentions in many aspects, and that we could jointly develop a package, either now or at a later time when we have collected more participants for a large project. We would love to be the inspiration for any such forms of co-operation, and are willing and able to guide such projects.