Michiel Leenaars

Tue 29 November 2016


ARPA2 All Hands - November 2016

The second ARPA2 All Hands meeting is scheduled to take place on November 30th 2016 at SURFnet in Utrecht. Get to know the architecture and thinking behind ARPA2 and why we think the internet needs it, and get up to speed on the various sub projects. And of course: come and have lots of fun with cutting edge internet technology.

ARPA2 All Hands on November 30th 2016

We are organising the second ARPA2 All Hands meeting. This is scheduled to take place on November 30th 2016 from 10:00 AM to 16:00 PM (UTC +01:00), followed by informal drinks and food to continue the discussion and brainstorming... Thanks to the national research and educational network SURFnet for kindly providing the venue for this event.

The participants of this All Hands meeting of the ARPA2 project will get an overall introduction to the architecture and thinking behind ARPA2 and an update on the status of the various sub projects. Importantly (and the main reason for an all-hands) you will meet the other people that are active elsewhere in the project, and brainstorm about the future direction of the project. 


SURFnet, room 4.1
Kantoren Hoog Overborch (Hoog Catharijne)
Moreelsepark 48
3511 EP Utrecht
The Netherlands

Please find the directions on how to reach the venue.

Who should attend

If you have an interest in the ARPA2 project, or one of the various subprojects, do consider attending. If you want to give a presentation about your ideas on ARPA2, you are invited to do so - we are eager to hear your ideas! Also, students and doctoral candidates that are interested in doing a research project inside ARPA2 should end up with plenty of exciting new opportunities. If you know someone that would potentially be interesting in building vital new decentralised infrastructure for the internet - or volunteer in some other capacity - bring them along!

RSVP: It would be kind if you could send a notice whether you are attending or not, so we can make sure catering etc is all scaled right. Informing us of any dietary requirements of you or your guests will make it easier to take these into account.

We will do our best to arrange some form of remote participation, so if you physically cannot attend but would be interested in attending remotely, let us know.

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