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do 28 maart 2019


ARPA2 All Hands March 2019 talks

The fourth ARPA2 All Hands meeting took take place on 12 March 2019 at SURFnet in Utrecht. Are you curious for an update on ARPA2? Then check out a brief summary below.

The first ARPA2 All Hands meeting took place on December 9th 2015 in Utrecht.

On 12 March 2019 we had another great 'All Hands' meeting of the ARPA2 project. Again with SURFnet as wonderful host, providing us with a nice conference room and good coffee.

This was the agenda that evolved during the day:

Thanks to the national research and educational network SURFnet for kindly providing the venue for this event, and to NLnet and the National Cyber Security Center for their continued support to the ARPA2-project.
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10:00-10:30Arriving, settling down, getting coffee
10:30-10:40ARPA2 Architectural Overview (Rick van Rein)
10:40-11:00Getting over Quantum Computers (Rick van Rein)
11:00-11:15Best Practices Git Workflow (Adriaan de Groot)
11:15-11:30ACL work-in-progress (Tim Kuijsten)
11:30-12:00Kerberos Realm KXOVER explained (Rick van Rein)
12:00-13:00"Broodje Mario" lunch
13:00-13:45Follow-up dialogues from the morning topics
13:45-14:15Presentation and demo of SASL, tlspool and cmake work (Henri Manson)
14:15-14:45Best Practices Git continued: tagging and releases (Adriaan de Groot)
14:45-16:00Dialogue on project progress, integration and working together (Rick van Rein)