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Backbone Innovations in the IdentityHub

While developing our IdentityHub, the core facility where users control their online identity and get security and privacy in one go, we need to connect a number of microservice. We made a few surprising choices and smile on the benefits.

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Something's Cooking #4: Web Auth with SASL

When it comes to secure authentication, the web is in a much worse shape than email. But that's not due to email; it is the web that habitually ignores all the advances that are used everywhere else! Since the web is important, we want to extend HTTP with SASL, the general framework that works so well for almost all the other protocols.

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Identity 12: User Names in URLs

We weigh in heavily on the idea of Bring Your Own IDentity. How does this relate to URLs that we see in so many protocols? And especially the HTTP and AMQP URLs?

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Quantum Crypto will Break our backs & bones

Most of us have heard about Quantum Computing and its immense power to break today's strongest security mechanisms. What is the sense and nonsense?

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[Lecture] IdentityHub: PKI for the Masses

Today, we present our vision on the SURF Security and Privacy Conference "Crisis? Business as Usual!" We describe the contents of our lecture in this article.

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