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Mail Routing 1: Doing it Well and Not-So-Well

Mail is severely hampered by spam, as we all know. Interestingly, some spam prevention tactics are applied so softly that they work against a reliable mail system. Here is a tale from the crypt.

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Dissecting TLS for Operational Flexibility

The TLS protocol is usually considered as a black box that somehow bestows security. But like any other protocol, it is a sequence of bits and bytes. This article explains how a bit more depth about the protocol is helpful to understand how it can be split into two dramatically different components; and how this can be incredibly useful from an operational perspective.

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Comparing the privacy of HTTP and LDAP

In several places of the InternetWide Architecture, we use LDAP as our data protocol — because it is the most refined standard protocol for digging around in data. What we haven't yet discussed is how its privacy compares to, say, HTTP.

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Using SASL with HTTP, Mail and LDAP in Nginx

All our work on identity must somehow end up benefiting applications. One of most interesting bits of software to do this is a frontend proxy. As so often, we find a few parts missing to complete our vision of a better-unified Internet.

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NGI 3: Own your IDentity

When you were born, your parents selected a name (usually one that was not given to any siblings yet) and attached one of their last names. They registered you with that combination, and this is how you have been known for all your life. Wouldn't it be eerie when, upon registration of your name, the clerk had told you that all last names are coerced to that of an industrial who is currently sponsoring a new highway project? On today's Internet, this pattern is standard practice!

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