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Identity 12: User Names in URLs

We weigh in heavily on the idea of Bring Your Own IDentity. How does this relate to URLs that we see in so many protocols? And especially the HTTP and AMQP URLs?

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ARPA2 All Hands - October 2018

We are organising the third ARPA2 All Hands meeting! This is scheduled to take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands on October 9th 2018. Thanks to SURFnet for kindly providing the venue for this event.

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Quantum Crypto will Break our backs & bones

Most of us have heard about Quantum Computing and its immense power to break today's strongest security mechanisms. What is the sense and nonsense?

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[Lecture] IdentityHub: PKI for the Masses

Today, we present our vision on the SURF Security and Privacy Conference "Crisis? Business as Usual!" We describe the contents of our lecture in this article.

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On Display #3: Perpetuum driver

Most of the IdentityHub involves workflow-styled processes... create a key, publish it in LDAP, set it up in a DANE, wait a while, set it up in a server, wait a while, remove a predecessor from DANE, and many more such actions. To coordinate such process is difficult, let alone allow dynamic enhancements in individual identity hosting contexts. Perpetuum presents an answer.

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