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Identity 13: Be Your Own IDentity Provider

If you want to Bring Your Own IDentity (BYOID) to foreign servers you will somehow need to offer an identity provider to them. How would that work?

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Reservoir: Your Data reaching out to You

Many of us rely on "cloud" storage services. They enable us to access the same files from everywhere, but they are fairly dumb and leave all the thinking to people. ARPA2 Reservoir is different, in that it supports metadata, automation and integration in your tools.

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It's All about Protocols!

This blog reports about software design for the InternetWide Architecture. Something that we might easily forget however, is what is the true nature of the InternetWide project. In the end, it's not about software -- instead, it is all about protocols.

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ARPA2 All Hands June 2019 talks

The 5th ARPA2 All Hands meeting took take place on 25 June 2019 at SURFnet in Utrecht. Are you curious for an update on ARPA2? Then check out the overview with links to slides below.

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Why TLS 1.3 is NOT born dead

Given the predictable future of Quantum Computing, the design of TLS 1.3 is at risk, and an upgrade might be a bad idea, in spite of the many improvements to the security design. We explain why and how TLS 1.3 can be a blessing in terms of just this danger.

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